Ignition Edge Auto Launch Project

I was curious if there were any plans to add the ability to auto launch a project when the gateway loads in the future. Using Linux I use their startup programs and then delay the running of a script to launch the project, but I either have to over delay it or have random instances where I tried to start it just barely too soon before the gateway finished loading. Recently I’ve started getting an error message when the client tries to load the project stating “Error launching application: EOFException: null” I’m headed out to the site today to try and get some log file information on what that is occurring, however my suspicion is I ran the script too early.

Consider adding a startup dependency between the display manager and the Ignition service.

Find your Ignition-Gateway.service file (probably in /etc/systemd/system/).

Edit the [Unit] section and add Before=graphical.target:



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Okay, I’m using Ignition 8.0.6-rc1 that I just downloaded on Linux Mint (Ubuntu flavor). I’ve installed as a service using sudo ./ignition.sh installstart. I went into the Ignition-Gateway.service file and added Before=grapical.target to the [Unit] section. The service has started but no project is launched. Is there another step I need to do or do I need to go to 8.0.5 or 8.0.7?

This would be in addition to your script placed in startup programs - you still doing that?

Ah, no I was not I thought that replaced the startup script. I’ve added it back in and it works like a champ, thank you!