Ignition Edge Button access denied


I have an Edge deployment I am testing and have copied over a starting project from our running Ignition systems. I am having an issue where the control buttons are giving me the circle with the slash through it. On click the buttons run a scrip to start/stop a motor for example. Even if I run the button component in the designer I get the denied symbol. I know our main project has integrated AD security, but I think I have gone through and removed/changed those settings on this Edge project. Any other suggestions on why I am getting this?

A quick list of things that could have security configured:

I bet one of these has scripting associated. I further bet it's the button script, but without more information I can't be sure. If none of these have security configured, post a screenshot of the error popup you're seeing.

Here is what I get, I can't click the button, it gives me this when I hover over it. Ignore the red dots below, I broke those messing with stuff and haven't fixed them yet.

I removed the script permissions that were pointing to authenticated users.

And the tag it's trying to write to and the underlying UDT have the same permissions.

I'm stumped. I thought I was on the right track with all this before I asked.

Does the button have a cursor style applied or a style class with the cursor defined?

it does not

Does the button have a binding on props.enabled? It appears the button is disabled before you even attempt to click it.

yep, that was it. PEBKAC There was originally a binding for enabling/disabling the buttons based on login credentials. I removed that because we don't want them here but didn't enable the button by default. I looked everywhere but right at the thing staring me in the face....

Thanks all.