Ignition Edge Capabilities

We are creating a network where zones A, B, C, and D will utilize ignition edge so that they are still operable even if internet connection is lost. When the conneciton is available, the central kiosk acts as a master kiosk that can control each zone. Is this network possible to create using only ignition Edge? Also, it my understanding that the central ignition gateway is cloud based so as long as there is an internet connection available, any of the kiosk can reach the gateway. With Edge they will “store and forward” any alarms and notifications once power is restored.

Thanks in advance for any replies

I’m not sure if I’m misinterpreting your wording or not, but the central Ignition Gateway is only cloud based if you (or your customer) choose to host it in the cloud. Otherwise it’s just another server on the network.

Hey Kevin,

That clears some confusion up. I was under the impression that ignition was completely cloud based. So, going from there, is the network architecture shown in the image I attached possible using only Edge? Will I be able to host a central ignition gateway using just edge, or will I need the full software, plus edge for the edge of network kiosk?

Consider going through the introductory chapters of Inductive University. There are good descriptions of your multi-server deployment options. (IMNSHO, single servers need to be installed on the same LAN as the devices they are polling.)

Note that Edge has many options, but the base license only allows two devices (PLCs, whatever).

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I think the central would need to be a full Ignition still.

I’m not super comfortable with architecture recommendations, especially involving Edge. Someone else here can chime in, or you can definitely get in touch with one of our Sales Engineers who do this stuff all the time.


I’ll reach out to our rep. Thanks!