Ignition Edge communication with Ignition Gateway

Hi ,
I am new to Ignition and i would line to know about the ignition Edge communicating with the ignition Gateway and its setting procedure .

please help me with solution.

Thank you .:grinning:

Iโ€™m assuming youโ€™re trying to establish communicaton between Ignition Edge on one end and an Ignition Gateway on the other end?

I am personally working on a project using MQTT (3rd party module).
I have 7 Ignition Edge and 2 Ignition Gateways (redundant).
Performance is quite good, but there will be extra license cost for the MQTT modules.

Another way maybe you can try to connect using OPC-UA directly?
On the Ignition Gateway you can try to create an OPC-UA connection to the Ignition Edge.

Are the edge devices and ignition gateway servers on the same LAN /VPN or remotely connected on internet ?

thank you, no they are not same

exactly i am trying to do the same connection edge and gateway, by using Enterprise Edge .

can you let me know how is this possible with OPC-UA conencting directly.

thank you.