Ignition Edge Connecting more than two devices


The Ignition Edge user manual says “By default, Edge Gateways can have two device connections. Once two devices have been configured, the “add device” UI on the Gateway’s Devices config page will be hidden.”

Is there any way two add more than two devices or is that not possible?

Thanks in advance

Talk to your sales rep about increasing the device limit on your license.

If not mentioned in the doco, this should probably be updated there as well @Paul.Scott
It’d be good if the pricing site had a selector for it as well, like with selecting number of perspective vision clients

Is there a way to increase the number of connections available while in trial mode? Working on some Edge Panels provided by customer that do not yet have licensing.

You would need to reach out to your sales rep to get a temporary license.

Another option is to use a PLC as a data concentrator. Edge->PLC->Multiple connections.

Along the same lines, is it possible to increase the client/session limit? There's no mention of this that I can find/recall.

Don't know, ask a sales rep. The Edge product changes too much for me to keep track of.

I suspect anything is possible for the right amount of money, though.

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The limits are supposedly gone now. I'm not sure if that is purely a policy on new licenses, or if the Edge code in recent releases assumes no limits.

My recent dev licenses running on Edge 8.1.36 have several devices running without any mention in the license properties to allow more than two. So, the code is defaulting to unlimited for IA's OPC device drivers. Haven't tried with OPC connections.

Limits for devices or clients/sessions?

I was happy to see the unlimited devices now, but it still says just 2 clients on the sales page.

**edit - sales said the answer is only 2 clients/sessions.