Ignition Edge data logging to Ignition

Ok, so I know Edge has a limit of 500 tags and history of 1 week. I am thinking of an application where I could use Edge to do much quicker polling from a PLC, but eventually I need to get that data into Ignition and or SQL. I also know you cannot add SQL bridge to Edge.

So could I connect to Edge as if it were an OPC server from Ignition? Or are there other mechanisms to grab that data?

Disclaimer: we haven’t done anything with Ignition Edge in production yet.

But you should probably check out the difference between “Edge Panel” and “Edge Enterprise”. See https://inductiveautomation.com/whats-new-ignition-edge

On “Edge Enterprise”, the edge device connects with a regular gateway, and can sync data using the store-and-forward as usual in Ignition. So it doesn’t act as a plain OPC server, but is tightly integrated.

We’re working on that problem at the moment.

For normal real-time tags, we simply enable history and set the Edge gateway up to do Tag History Sync with our central Ignition server.

Because we have unreliable 3G connections between Edge and Server, this is our preferred approach since it uses the store and forward engine. It also avoids constant polling between our Server and Edge, which is bad for our bandwith.

On our server we create expression tags that mimic the tags in Edge, and they run a script that gets the latest value out of the history provider on our Server.

The problem we’re having at the moment is for discrete data. For example somebody filling out a form on the Edge project and hitting save. We could push that through the historian approach, but retrieving a distinct dataset from the historian is proving to be a challenge.

Look at the remoteServers parameter to system.util.sendMessage(). Should enable what you need.

Hi pturmel,

Many thanks. That’s exactly what we ended up using. More specifically the utility.sendRequestAsync or whatever its exact name.

As for store and forward, we built in a fault handler if the remote gateway doesn’t throw a satisfactory confirmation back, we just keep the payload in cache and try again later.

My team impressed me with sussing all of this out whilst I’m roaming the forum. :nerd_face:

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How were you able to get he main gateway and the edge gateway to connect? Not having any luck setting up a gateway network connection trying to achieve a similar solution.