Ignition edge data sync problem

hi All
I have ign edge (in production) with setup to sync to full ignition (not in production yet) with history provider using mssql.
In local test setup using edge backup and blank full gateway i was able to get data sync working straight away but in production setup it does not work. Some notes below:
1 in production edge sync id is not 0 which should suggest it works but no historic data in mssql
2 i dont have access to wrapper logs in production edge but i have access to production edge gateway - is it good enough for diagnostic?
3 full gateway has database using sa login which suggests full rights
4 when i created test memory tag on production edge (using remote tag provider access) and selected local full ignition history provider instead of edge historian the data is logged to the database
5 i have sync rate setup as 10 ms - i might try to change it to higher value if it matters
6 in edge data sync setup i am using gateway name rather than ip and correct remote history provider
7 both production edge and full gateway have been restarted once
8 default security level was configured to allow query and storage for history and edit for tags on both edge and full gateway

shall i reinstall some ignition modules?
is it mandatory. to have wrapper logs access on edge?
any other diagnostic tools worth using?

Slowly running out of ideas and hair to pull :slight_smile: Any suggestions?

I might be being dumb here, but how are you checking that the history is saved. If I remember right the data tends to save seperately from the data of a remote tag provider under a different 'driver' name in the database.

there are no dumb questions really - i also keep asking fundamental questions rather than assuming.
So the data syn historic logging should be writing to the connection specified on the ege settings under "remote history provider name" so the data must go there.

I am going to solve my own issue :slight_smile:
It was the problem with versions - edge was on 8.1.20 and Full ignition on 8.1.23.
I unistalled 8.1.23 and then deleted InductiveAutomation folder, then installed from scratch 8.1.20 and it WORKS data synch does sync- what a relief :slight_smile: