Ignition Edge Data Usage Optimization

Hello all,

I am working on a Edge solution and attempting to reduce how much data I am using.
Currently 95% of my usage is due to the AlarmQueryProviderService.query service.
Could someone please indicate what this service does and what I could do to reduce it’s usage?
Any general tips on optimization would be greatly appreciated too.

Many Thanks!

All I can tell you about it is that calls to system.alarm.queryStatus cause traffic that shows up as AlarmQueryProviderService. I can’t tell you if other things also do that. I also don’t know whether handling alarms on your edge device is more efficient than handling them using a reference tag with alarms on the gateway.

Another option is to set up topics on the main gateway to the devices that edge is logging and handle them natively which might be more efficient from a network communication standpoint.

I’m assuming you’re trying to do something similar to what we’re doing which is why your post came up in my search.

If you are using edge to talk to an enterprise system and you are trying to reduce your data usage you should turn off alarms in the remote tag provider settings on the enterprise gateway. This is found in Config/Tags/Realtime_Tag_Providers. If you want alarms use local tags on the enterprise system instead.