Ignition Edge database connection

I have a project which relies on a sql database connection to lookup data from tables and we’re adding Ignition Edge fallback clients, however I can’t find where to setup database connections from Ignition Egde?

This will not be possible I fear.

It’s also the reason why we can’t use Edge in any of our projects. We always need a custom DB somewhere.


That’s not nice…
However it’s strange, we have fallback clients running at another site but these weren’t installed as Edge; they were installed just as normal Ignition gateways. I might uninstall Edge and try normal Ignition instead. Hopefully the licence still works… Otherwise I’m kind of screwed

Edit: nope, the licence doesn’t work (wrong “edition”). I’ll contact sales…

Edge is limited on purpose, in order to have a cheaper license. I also find the total lack of DB support quite harsh, but I guess enabling DB support would open back doors to workarounds for the other limitations, making the main license no longer viable.

We have standard, but limited, Ignition clients running on other sites used as fallbacks for $500 each (that’s with the qty 10+ discount) which is 1/3 the price of the edge version. They’re called ‘Local Vision Client Fallback’ licences. Although the naming seems to be somewhat inconsistent…

Hi Nick,
Can you elaborate on this “Local Vision Client Fallback” licence?
Is it a special Vision licence (not on the catalog) ?
With this, do you have DB support then?

They’re basically just mini standard ignition gateways so yes they have sql access which was a necessity for us. I think they’ve gone up in price quite a bit though… Perhaps we caught a loophole as this was just prior to edge was available

Ok thanks!
I will ask my account manager about that.