Ignition Edge Dormant Clients

I’m running Ignition Edge 8.0.6-rc1 on a Linux (Debian flavor) x64 OS running Java 11.0.4+11-LTS.

I have it running on a local computer with display as well as a secondary monitoring station in a datavan connected via a hardwired Ethernet connection.

My issue is sometimes the local computer running the Ignition Gateway is rebooted. When it comes back up, the PC auto launches a local client with no issue, but the remote client gets stuck in limbo. Looking under the status page and under “Vision Clients” I can see that the remote PC is listed as “Dormant” and I have to manually clear the connection so the exact same computer can have an active connection.

How can I get this to clear out automatically when the PC turns back on instead of me having to manually clear the connection?