Ignition Edge + external db


Looking at building a stand alone HMI very simple project one screen. Customer needs retention past two weeks.

Is it possible it use Edge and buy the core platform then work something out? How would I go about this?

I know edge doesn’t allow db access. but I don’t need vision. Vision is too costly for this simple project.

The core alone is cost effective + plus edge hmi but you can’t choose it online like that.

Thanks in advance

Is it possible to mix and match like that?

No, the Edge UI cannot perform any database operations. Look at a core install plus a limited Vision module.

Ah and x edge all together. Can vision be used similarly to a kiosk ?

Yes, if you launch it full-screen in place of a desktop environment. I’ve done this, but only on Linux. (SDDM auto-login config to custom Xsession. SDDM relaunches if Vision dies for any reason.)

@pturmel one more question. I think the tag historian might put it over budget. It should be pretty easy without right?

I’d just have to have a script on the button/s to get username, time stamp, and buttonName. And insert it into the DB. Then I can pull from that DB table into a regular table for viewing/auditing. Then some sort of pruning gateway script so I don’t fill up the space eventually.

Does that sound about right?

You can script the equivalent of transaction groups relatively easily. Replicating the tag historian is much more difficult. Use DB pens on the EasyChart instead.