Ignition Edge Gateway Network Outgoing Connection

Hello all,

I’m building an application where I have my main Ignition Gateway on a machine in the cloud,
I will be having remote sites with a raspberry pi running an Edge gateway. I want to connect the two but I have not been able to.

When configuring my outgoing connection in my edge gateway I set my host as http://xx.xx.xx.xx(public ip address). I have tried both ports 8060 and 8088.
I am not sending an ssl certificate.
On my main gateway I’m not requiring ssl certificates of incoming connections, however I’m never getting the incoming request from my edge gateway and my connection times out in my edge gateway.

I’ve made sure to create inboud rules in my firewall to allow communications to both ports 8060 and 8088. I can telnet those ports, they are listening.

Any tips on why may this be happening.


Long term, you really should use port 8060 and enable SSL on the outgoing connection, especially if you have a gateway in the cloud. To get things running here, you would use port 8088 and make sure you don’t have SSL enabled on the connection. For the host address, just use the IP address of the remote gateway and don’t put http:// in front of it.


Thanks very much, that worked!
I was following the steps on your website which indicate putting ‘http://’ before the IP address. I guess I should have tried removing http:// before moving forward to asking a question.

So my guess is, if using SSL certificates, you use port 8060, otherwise use port 8088?

I will use SSL certificates, I’m just proving the concept before I move on to better practices as I design the solution for my company.

We will be having a central gateway with a growing number of incoming connections from edge devices… it could grow to hundreds of locations in a couple years…

what do you recommend for a growing ignition architecture, edge mqtt or ignition edge?