Ignition Edge - how to disable unnecessary modules and options

Hi All
When preparing solution for the customer I need to build a correct prototype but at the moment Edge Gateway is running with many modules on trial and also gateway config contains many options which relate to the trial products.

To prototype solution for the customer i would like to have edge gateway with only Core functionality + Edge Synch. Everything else i would like to deactivate and make invisible in the module sections and also in the gateway configuration. All of this is required to have clear understanding of the prototype and its functionality.

Can you please advise me how this can be achieved?

You only have two things running on trial. One being what you want to keep.
So at most you have one extra which is useful and pretty much default.

I don't get what your problem is? Thats pretty much the bare minimum from your screenshot.

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thanks for reply.
Yes I have 2 edge products installed - Ignition Edge Synch Service and Ignition Edge compute.
1 How do i get rid of Ignition Edge compute ? There are some menu items in the gateway associated with each product and i need to be clear what options are in the menu after removal.
2 Which modules are part of the edge core functionality? i assume to remove unnecessary modules is straightforward - i requires uninstall only.

Compute is a plug-in, not a module. I don't think there is anything to uninstall.

The modules shown are all the standard drivers. Nothing to uninstall.

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On that page, click More > Uninstall on whatever you don't want.

Unfortunately you can't do what you want without applying a license.

We have literally gone back and forth on this. In the first version of Edge there were no plugins and only a short list of modules you could have, so everything was easy. But then we added plugins like compute, which don't rely on modules being installed. At first, we didn't allow any of them to run on trial, but our users found that they couldn't make a prototype. So we switched it up -- you can use plugins like compute in trial. If you don't want to have to buy that plugin, don't use any gateway scripting and you're fine.

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