Ignition Edge installation query

Hi guys, I’m looking to install ignition edge on to the same PC as Ignition Gateway.
Looking into the manual, it mentions i would have to uninstall ignition if I already had gateway on it, to be able to install edge.

Just wondering if it was possible to have both installed at the same time?

Also, will the designer/vision application be the same for both edge and gateway? i.e. I wouldnt need to uninstall the designer application I already have just to reinstall it through the files from ignition edge
Thank you

You should be able to install both, but one Ignition instance will have to have all of its ports changed. (You really should be using VMs or containers to run multiples.) Matching designers is more related to Ignition versions than Ignition editions.

FWIW, I don’t run an Ignition gateway on my primary laptop at all–just in VMs in this laptop.

Hi @pturmel Thanks for responding!
Yes, I have been working on a VM apologies for saying PC ! :sweat_smile:

How can I go about installing both on the 1 VM? It seems when going on the Ignition installer, My only option is to upgrade / install modules.
I’ve tried changing the service name however it overrides the current installation

I’ve never done two installs together with the installer. You may have to use the zip install. Or just make another VM. That was the point I was trying to make: don’t put two gateways in the same machine, virtual or not.

Oh I see!!

Understood, thank you!