Ignition Edge Licencing keeps resetting on Moxa UC-8220 Modem

Hi All

How someone that is running Ignition Edge on a Moxa modem (or potentially any other arm based modem) can help or have seen this issue before.

It seems that something changes on a hardware level on the Moxa that makes the license invalid.

Its the same device, kept running wit no changes, and after registering the license we get an error stating that the license file does not match the host system (605BE17B:127 != 605BE17B:12DA)

I thought it’s the MAC address of the cellular modem changing while scanning for networks, but I could be wrong.

The ID that is listed in the log files. also does not look like a MAC, but I dont know if this is just an internal ID in the licensing system or if that is an actual device ID


It is a composite ID, where the elements involved are proprietary. You need to get IA support involved.

Does this Moxa modem rebuild its filesystem or something every time it boots?

Hi Kevin

We did not reboot the unit while we were investigating the issue. So it seems to be something else that keeps changing.

Hi Phil,
Will do, will log the ticket with support.

According the log message the inode number of the /bin file is changing… odd.

The cellular modem is seen as a usb device, and we do see it does reconnect some times, I wonder if this reconnect of the modem causes the Inode number to change?

I don’t know, this is probably something Moxa support will have to help with.

Hi Kevin,

Just to update you on this post, you where spot on! Moxa did assist on this one.

The root cause is due to the UC-8200’s original OS image is using ‘overlay file system’. This causes the bin directory to report a different “checksum” value after each reboot. You can test this on a unit by running the command: stat /bin

Then look for the value reported for ‘Inode’ compare the result after rebooting. It will likely change after rebooting.

We applied newer firmware to the unit and it seems to be happy now.

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