Ignition Edge Linux

I'm having trouble having Ignition edge start on power up. I can install Ignition and its running but after the device is restarted Ignition doesn't run and the gwcmd -r does not work. Can anyone help in figuring out why it won't run on startup?

Which version of Linux are you using?

What is the output of the following terminal command?
service Ignition-Gateway status

It's Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS

Here's a better screenshot.

It looks like it’s trying to start Ignition from the /media/ folder, which is option used for temporary storage such as USB drives.

Did you use the gui or command line installer? Did you set the installation directory to a USB drive? Is that USB drive still installed and mounted now?

I used the GUI and selected that location because our hard drive was partially mounted (maybe), not sure what happened but there was over 200GB of a 256 GB drive that was not allocated to the OS to a folder location, so Ignition was installed in a place with only 20 GB of space. We are running into hard drive limits on the PC with notifications on the screen saying that we are running out of space.

I tried mounting the extra storage and in put it in the media folder. I probably did not do that right and I'm no means a Linux expert and we do not have an IT team to help out with this.

What’s the output of these terminal commands?

df -h
ls -lah /media/user1/edge/

The goal of these is to list the mounted drives, check their free space, and manually check for the “missing” edge installation in the folder being complained about in the log error from your screenshot.

Here is the lsblk

Then here is the df -h

and the last command told me
no such file or directory

I think this confirms his hunch that you installed Ignition onto a temporary/USB drive.


That's the location of where the larger storage is, that's why I stored it there. I guess I have to move that drive space somewhere else?

Well, whatever it is, it doesn't appear to be mounted right now...

Basically, I suspect you installed Edge onto a portable hard drive which is no longer plugged into the computer.