Ignition Edge MQTT Connection to Cloud MQTT Distributor

Hello all,

I have a Moxa Edge device with Ignition Edge Installed on it.
I installed the MQTT transmission module on it.
On the cloud I have an Ignition Gateway with MQTT Distributor and Engine Installed on it.
I connect the edge device and the computer hosting my Ignition Gateway through a VPN Network.
I’m able to ping My Ignition Gateway from my edge device interface.
However when I add the MQTT distributor server, it does not connect.
I have tcp:// with the correct user and password in the server configuration on the edge.
On the Ignition Gateway side, I have firewall rules to allow traffic on port 1883. I can connect with the MQTT fx client with no problems.

What are some things I should look at that could guide me to make this connection successful?

(one thing to note is that my Ignition gateway is version 8.0.4 and my Ignition Edge is 7.9.12, do not know if that is the problem, however On my cloud ignition gateway I can connect to a third party free MQTT server, when I try the same on my edge device, it can not connect to that server either)