Ignition Edge MQTT Data not readable

I am trying to publish data via mqtt from an instance of ignition edge to a HiveMQ mqtt broker.
When checking the data e.g. with MQTT Explorer or MQTT.fx. I only get unreadable data like this:

ProductionTest���. 8J

When I connect my Edge device with Ignition Gateway (MQTT Engine + MQTT Distributor), I can read all the tags and values just fine.

Would be great if you had some ideas, why the one setup works and the other does not.


Ignition’s MQTT modules (From Cirrus Link) use the Sparkplug protocol within MQTT. Do those other products understand Sparkplug?

Thanks @pturmel : That was the problem. MWTT.fx supports Sparkplug, but you need to select the right decoder. :man_facepalming:

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Hi, i am having the same issue. Where exactly on the Mqtt fx configuration panel can i choose the decoder?

Found it!