Ignition edge MQTT transmission module connecting to python MQTT broker?

I have a ignition edge unit with MQTT transmission module.
I want to send the ignition edge signals to a remote PC.
Initially, I tried to create a OPC client on the remote PC to talk to the edge unit, then I found that the ignition edge OPC UA server allow local comms only.
Then the next step I am thinking about is to create a MQTT broker on the remote PC, so the ignition edge can push data to the remote PC via MQTT.

Is it possible to create a sparkplug MQTT broker on a PC using python?

There's lots of MQTT brokers out there. My favorite is EMQx and the open source version is available for many platforms, plus has a nice dashboard for monitoring.

Edit: If you have the IIoT license, you should be able to use the OPC UA server remotely as well.

thanks for the comments.

Previously I was mainly using Mosquitto , I will have a try of EMQx.

Yes, I have the IIoT module licensed. I was trying to access the OPC UA Server using third party opc client "freeOpcUa Client". It cannot connect, not sure which setting was incorrect.

Just quickly got the EMQX installed and configured.
It works well. Thanks.
Here's the configuration video I referred to.

Now the problem is why I cannot get the OPC client connected. I will have further check.