Ignition Edge Nullexpired Certificate

Hello, can anyone help explain why I am seeing this (nullexpired certificate) when I go to Modules under

Configure tab in Ignition Edge?

Clicking on the View Certificate I get:

So, I see the certificate is NOT valid after Dec 1 2021, but how do I upload a new one?

None of my MQTT Transmission broker connection s are working too, and I guess it’s something to do with this!?!

Ignition Edge v 7.9.18 running on Opto 22EPIC PR1.

7.9.19 should have a new certificate.

You can also just ignore it because these certificates are mostly theatre and don’t mean anything, even when they expire.

No, not at all. Maybe talk to Cirrus Link or IA support about those.

Thanks for the info. Guess this will be with Opto’s next firmware update for the EPIC PR1.

MQTT issue solved too. Had multiple broker configured, so I needed a Server Set and Transmitter configuring for each broker connection!