Ignition Edge on ARMHF device - Gateway failing to start after install

Hello All,

I have recently installed Ignition Edge 8.0.7 on an ARMHF device running linux debian 9. It looks like everything is installed but I can’t seem to get the gateway to start up.

Hopefully the screen shot is able to shed some light on what is happening.

We’ll need to see the contents of the wrapper.log file as well.

Here is the wrapper.log file. A bit too long for a screen shot… wrapper.log (164.1 KB)

Weird, looks like it’s trying to start with Java 8 instead of Java 11. Do you have JDK 8 installed on the system or something? Not that it should really matter, since Ignition 8 should be bundling its own runtime, but maybe it’s falling back to another one for some reason.

Oh, and before that it’s crashing in native code trying to load the SQLite JDBC driver… I think that may be a known issue on these Moxa systems right now.

edit: I think we rolled back the SQLite driver version for 8.0.8… so maybe try that when it’s released soon here.

Okay thanks! Maybe I will try and older Ignition 80 version for now or is this a known issue for all 80 versions?

If any older version would work it’s 8.0.4, but I’d upgrade to 8.0.8 ASAP if you go that route.

Thank you. Yeah I will for sure just trying to do some lab testing at the moment.