Ignition Edge one-way email notification failure

Hi everybody,
For a customer I used Ignition v7.9 Edge Panel Stand-alone license as BMS and I need to use Email notification to transmit alarm per email.
I configure it as in Ignition v7.9 normal license for general parameters but I can’t send any mail in case of alarm.
I have an error when sending information :

Is anybody tell me what’s wrong.
I check the function with testing the SMTP profile and I receive the mail.

Thanks in advance

The top line is the key – the authentication was rejected by the SMTP server. Search on the forum here and you’ll find lots of tips for debugging email issues – it’s not straightforward because of all the pieces involved, many of which Ignition has no control over.

Authentication seems to be a hot button this last year. I was unable to access my own AT & T email account ( though not the billing account ) due to lack of authentication. How did I get it back, you ask? I looked at the other site and discovered that I was pretty much required to install either OAuth or MS Outlook as a mail client, with some other two-step ‘secure-id’ procedures. I looked at OAuth and the GNU/GPL/GPC ( public type of license ) and a few security concerns. In my case ( and your mileage may vary ), I purchased- did not lease- a copy of MS Office 2016 to include Outlook. Then I set up the appropriate POP/Mail settings, and went back to pick up the ‘secure-Id’. My AT & T email service was restored. There is a link for SMTP troubleshooting: https://www.wpsitecare.com/gmail-smtp-settings/ which might give you some ideas. The revision of this information reflects new security concerns and that dreaded ‘Authentication’ fail. There may be more help in the link than my short story above.