Ignition Edge - OPC DA Setup

Following the OPC DA setup guide - LINK

And I ma getting stuck at the point (3)

Creating an OPC-DA Connection
With the OPC Core Components now installed the next step is creating/configuring a new OPC-DA server connection. Follow these steps:
1. Navigate to the Ignition Gateway Configuration section (i.e. http://localhost:8088/main/web/config).
*2. Under OPC Connections select Servers and then select “Create new OPC Server Connection…” *
3. Choose the OPC-DA COM Connection option and then select whether you want to make a local connection or if the OPC server resides on a remote machine. For the most part, setting up a local or remote connection to an OPC-DA server is the same. There are only a couple of differences for a remote connection that will be highlighted along the way.
*4. Local - Selecting a local connection will take you to a screen that contains a list of the available and running OPC servers located on the local machine. *
5. Remote - For a remote connection you will first have to specify the host name or IP address of the machine the the OPC server resides on and then (as of Ignition 7.4) you will be redirected to the available servers list.
6. Select the OPC server that you wish to connect to from the list. In the case where your server is not listed then consult “OPC server is not listed…” topic of the troubleshooting section.

The problem I am having is that even though I have the core installed I don’t see an option to create an OPC DA under the “Config>Opc>OPC Connections” only option I have is :
Connect to a device or server that supports OPC UA."

So what am I missing ?

Have you got the opc-DisAster module installed? (opc-da is the devil)

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I have the Core bit from the OPC Foundation Installed Is there a .modl add for edge for DA. WHere do I find this is there a link to the download ?

OPC COM module in the modules section: https://inductiveautomation.com/downloads/ignition/8.0.16

I don’t think this module is usually included on a licens by default, even in a regular Ignition install.

Ahhhh thanks thats the bit I was missing … :smile: