Ignition Edge OPC-UA Device Connecton Limit

I am trying to connect multiple Modbus TCP devices in Ignition Edge (Version: 8.0.9 (b2020021812)) and I am only able to successfully connect up to 2 devices.

In one instance the " Create new Device " link disappears and I am not able to connect more devices.

On the second edge gateway the " Create new Device " link disappeared after adding the third device in which case only two devices connect and are working properly, the third one does not even show up in the Connected Device status page.

Can somebody please let me know if there a limit to the OPC devices you are able to connect to an Ignition Edge gateway?


An unlicensed Ignition Edge is limited to 2 devices.

A licensed version may or may not have a device limit set as a licensing parameter, depending on the edition.

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for letting me know.

From the Inductive Automation Website I can’t be certain if the Ignition Edge IIoT licence has a tag and device limit.

Would you be able to tell me if that particular licences has a tag and device limit?
If it does, is there a posibility to get a licence that has no limit on the number of tags and devices and includes the MQTT plugin?


Honestly I can’t keep track of all changes and editions of Edge any more, so I can’t answer your question.

You should probably just ask your sales rep. They might be able to get you a timed-limited evaluation license while you’re at it, too.