Ignition Edge Panel scripting - Can I have tag valueChange scripts without Compute?


As topic asks, can I have scripts on tag value change events without Edge Compute?

Is there a non-marketing (non-fluffy; detailed) version of the features that each Edge module gives access to? Maybe a table that compares each of them and ticks the features they enable would be useful?

This excerpt from the Edge Compute marketing info page makes it sound like scripting isn’t possible at all (event client-side) without it…

I presume that all scripts in Perspective won’t work as they’re run on the gateway?

Uh, No. That’s the whole point. Tag events run in the gateway. Edge Compute allows gateway scripts.


Perspective scripts are specifically allowed (since otherwise Perspective would be severely hobbled) but other gateway scripts are not allowed to run. Edge compute also gives access to SFCs. nope

Thanks Paul, I didn’t know about the SFCs either.


There’s also no mention whatsoever in the edge panel section about gateway scripting being unavailable:

We took SFCs out of the mix for Compute. That may get added back in later.

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Gateway scripting has never been available in Edge until Compute, so I wouldn’t expect a specific mention of that in Panel.

Take a look at https://docs.inductiveautomation.com/display/DOC80/Ignition+Edge#IgnitionEdge-GatewayScripting to see the mention of Gateway Scripting.

What about gateway script (timer) with compute?
With compute plugin I don’t see script option in resource tree.

Try reinstalling your designer launcher from a gateway in 8.0.12+

Prior to 8.0.12 the edge gateways never needed gateway event scripts, so I presume that the launcher would open a specific “edge” version of the designer with things like that stripped out. Support told me to reinstall it and it magically showed up.

Took me forever to realize why I couldn’t see the message handlers after upgrading and adding compute!


Yes, this is it exactly. Prior to adding Edge Compute, the designer just looked at Edge / Not Edge and showed menus accordingly. With the introduction of Edge Compute we also started sending information about what editions were licensed so that the correct menus show up.

Note that if you add an edition like Compute while the designer is open, the designer won’t get that new information. You’d need to close and reopen the designer.

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Do you need to reinstall it after 8.0.12, or just reopen it?

If you have the 8.0.12+ version of the designer, all you have to do is reopen it. The Designer only gets the edition information when it first opens and doesn’t get information on changes to the licensed editions.

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I have uninstalled the Designer Launcher and re-installed from a 8.0.13 edge gateway, but still cannot see the Gateway Events object in the Designer. I am using a trial version of Ignition.

I also see this from the Ignition 8 documentation:

You will not see the “Gateway Events” menu item in the Designer on unlicensed Gateways.

Is it true that you cannot evaluate Gateway Scripts for Edge under trial?

You would need to use a full version in trial model (or the new Maker Edition) to create your gateway scripts in the designer. You can then copy and paste them via the file system to evaluate them in Edge.

It’s a bit clunky, but we didn’t want people to start up an unlicensed version of Edge, create Gateway scripts and then have those scripts “mysteriously” stop working as soon as you applied a license.

Thanks Kathy,

Could you point me to the file-system location where the Gateway Event scripts are housed?

When I paste into the Ignition Edge structure, will the Gateway Scripts field appear, or will it still be hidden and any modifications will need to be made in the Full Version and copied again?

In Ignition 8+, the Gateway Event scripts will be in home/data/projects/your-project-name/ignition/event-scripts

The menu item will still be hidden in the designer because the designer is only looking at the license (or lack thereof), not whether the resource exists.