Ignition Edge portability

I am considering using Ignition Edge as the HMI on some of our non-connected machines to help reduce cost as well as development time and make it easier when they do make the jump to the network. Are the applications created in Edge able to be exported and then imported into Ignition so that all of my development that I did not the machine HMI (edge) can be dropped into place and usable on any of our ignition clients?

Edge backups can not be imported over to an Ignition Gateway, but the Edge Project can be exported and uploaded as a new Ignition project (similar to importing/exporting projects in Ignition), so you could develop a project in Edge, and later move it to a full Ignition gateway.

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how about backwards? can I develop on the gateway, export, then import into edge? I know that i would have to be mindful of the tag limits.

Gateway backups from Edge and Ignition are not compatible, so the other way wouldn’t work. However, project and tag exports are cross-platform compatible.

In the interest of posterity, you can find the more details on capability/restrictions in the User Manual

What is the best approach to “import” a Ignition project into edge?

Found it out by myself. Its not in the gateway, you have to open the edge project in designer and use file > import…