Ignition Edge ports to run along regualr Ignition

I would like install Ignition and Ignition Edge on my laptop to play around with. I already installed regular Ignition.

Per this thread Installing Ignition Edge 8.0.3 on the same computer that has Ignition 8.0.3 - #3 by mehulbhai.patel
I already changed the service name. Now I have to figure out the ports.

Defaults are 8088, 8043, and 8060 would it be acceptable to just bump them all one i.e.
8089, 8044, and 8061 ? I’m not too familiar with port choosing.

Thank you in advance!

Yes, you can just bump those ports. And the OPC Server’s port. I don’t know them all.

But you’re just asking for trouble. Learn to use VMs or containers–and not having Ignition installed locally at all.

@pturmel what kind of issues should I be concerned about in regards to running locally?

  • Intermingled resources (ram, but especially cpu)
  • Port conflicts
  • deployment breakages where development references localhost in unexpected places, and/or failure to allow for non-localhost traffic
  • Certificate trouble with localhost

A host machine that runs a virtual network can allocate IP addresses to VMs and containers that are separate from the host. VMs and containers can be given specific CPU cores and a fixed RAM allocation that is entirely theirs. You immediately discover improper use of localhost (because it won’t work). An internal Certificate Authority can create certs for VMs/containers without conflicts.

A local install is only suitable for IA’s training, IMNSHO.

VM is easier to deploy, especially if you only want 2 instances. Long term, if you plan on having many instances, I recommend you look into Docker containers.

@pturmel and @Matrix_Engineering i Dont “think” I’ll have too much trouble as this dual local setup will just be for me to play around with and gain more familiarity. I.e. navigation , basis setup and connectivity to a test device maybe.

I see the advantage of docker but think hit lacks replicating a full setup. So any any actual work related stuff I’d be running a VM which replicates the customers setup.

I think I’m gonna have to upgrade my laptop, but I’ll worry about that when I do more ignition stuff. Right now my company doesn’t really let me do much and I don’t really have a side opportunities in abundance

If your laptop is a little light on spec, see if it can even run one VM. Put Edge on it as it requires fewer resources.

@Matrix_Engineering i have 3 vms but for non igniton stuff. And I don’t really have space to toss on more nor the time to get a bigger SSD right now. I can run them off an external I have . But it’s just a pain to plug in the external every time I wanna use a VM