Ignition Edge query

Hello All,

I need a confirmation how Edge and Normal Ignition works together.

I will have Central Gateway installed on Main Panel and there will be several ignition clients for it. In addition to that client also has 2 Edge HMIs on different panel located far away from Main Panel but communicates with Main Panel with RIO Network.

SCADA Network is communicated via Fiber Optic from Main panel to RIO and later with Ethernet Switch to Edge HMI.

In this case where would I install a Edge Gateway now? As there is no OS desktop available, is it possible to do using Edge Panel?

And On Main Ignition Gateway I will design all screens as we will seeing those on Central Ignition and I require only certain screens to look at Edge, How would Edge Gateway communicates with PLC?

Also I assume the OPC Path would be different in Edge designer since PLC will be on Local side there where as OPC Path would be different in Central Ignition designer since PLC will be on Remote side.
I believe I would only need Edge Panel Plug-in there and EAM is not necessary.
Please suggest.

Ignition Version we will be using: Ignition 8

With the ethernet setup you describe, I don’t see why you need Edge at all. Just install industrial-type computers to run clients in the remote panels. You’d need buy some kind of computer/screen combination to run Edge Panel anyways–just run a client instead.