Ignition Edge & Raspberry Pi 4: Connection to Existing Account


I have a Raspberry Pi 4 and attempted to install Ignition Edge to connect it to an existing SCADA/HMI system. I could not get Edge to connect to the server via the IP address or any other means. Rather it asked me to log in and couldn't verify my credentials.

Do I have to purchase another product to get Edge to connect to my server?

No, it should make a gateway area network connection just fine. It will share live tag values over the simplest connection. It won't share history or push MQTT items without additional license features.

Did you get this working in trial mode first?

( FWIW, this sounds like a network connection/DNS/routing issue, not an Ignition problem. }

No I didn't get it working in trial mode.
I was able to get it installed on the RPi4 and it took me to the dashboard, however when I would try to launch Designer or any other tool it would ask me to login., but my login wouldn't work.

Are you trying to launch on the RPi itself? The designer, the modern Vision Client Launcher, and Perspective Workstation are all incompatible with the RPi. You can launch Vision clients with some restrictions using the legacy launcher script.

If that isn't the scenario, please explain what's where in more detail.

I was just trying to connect to our server and so I tried to launch Designer and Vision just to see if I was having connection issues but nothing was working. It asked for my user name and password but then it said they were incorrect.

I would like to use RPi as an HMI at a machine to display basic information and possiably some basic control of a counting device, so I assume that Vision is all that I will need to run on the RPi..

Yes, with the legacy launcher. If pointing at another gateway, then there's no need for Edge at all. You can also use Perspective in a browser.

I think you may be confused about what Edge is or does…

It’s another Ignition Gateway, separate from your main one. You can connect it to your main one and share data in a few different ways, but none of that happens automatically.

When you installed Edge you would have gone through the commissioning phase and set up a login and password. It’s not automatically the same as your other Gateway, and it’s not your IA account credentials.

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Ok I understand.
You are correct in that I was confused about Edge. I thought I had to have it to connect to the gateway in order to use the HMI side of it.

I am new to all of this stuff and appreciate everyone helping me.

Thanks for your help.

Is there anything I need to set up on the gateway in order to connect with the legacy launcher?

The legacy launcher is buried inside the gateway install folder, but other than getting that, there's no other setup.

All of the tricky work will be on the RPi.

See this:

I believe this procedure will also apply to 64-bit ARM, but I haven't done that myself.