Ignition Edge (Running MQTT) not pushing new data to central server

I have 2 issues. One I can look past but it may be causing the other issue.

So I have a client running ignition edge and it is supposed to push data to a central server over MQTT. The only time it pushes this data is when the “Refresh” tag is hit on the edge client and the central server edge nodes folder is refreshed. So that is issue 1.

Issue 2 is that all of my edge tags come into the MQTT engine on the central server as nodes of their own. See below.



I can reference the tags if they come in on their own nodes still. They just need to be constantly updating (or updating every 10 seconds or however long the delay is). I have a feeling that may be one of the issues as to why they aren’t updating.

I probably have the MQTT information on the gateway configured wrong…Has anyone dealt with something like this?

@jparsons - I do have the same issue #1 like you. Dod you resolve it by now ?
Best Thomas Buchner

@thomas.buchner - Same problem running 8.1. Where you able to resolve this?

Hi, I’ve got the same issue: MQTT tag values not continously published.
Is there a manual configuration needed to constantly get the data ?

Sorry guys, I know this doesn’t help but I fixed it back when I first had the issue but I cannot remember how I did it.