Ignition edge stopping data sync when scan class are changed


I currently have downloaded ignition Edge to test it.
My setup is a full fledged gateway and 1 ignition edge with EAM installed.

When I start tag history on edge, it starts synching data to gateway like it should.

The test I did to get this error was following:
I made alot of tags on Edge to get the Store and Forward engine running, I then disconnected Edge from the Central Gateway so it started buffering data on Edge, so far everything seems fine.

I then changed the scan class to not “overbuffer” the Edge system, the fast scan class was just to get enough data to store in the edge history system.

When I put Edge online again with Central gateway, the “stored” data on Edge doesnt sync with gateway, only the tags/data that were coming trough AFTER the scanclass change.

So the Edge Historian just sits there with around 500k points that are never synced to the Central Gateway.

Is there an option that prevents data to be synced if a scan class is changed?
Also in the manual it says that data can be stored for a week, will the leftover datapoints in Edge Historian be deleted after 1 week?

On Edge I have set it up to sync every 5seconds.

Gateway 7.9.10
Edge 7.9.10