Ignition Edge - Store and Forward with 3rd party applications

Does Ignition Edge with IIoT plugin enable storing and forwarding features to 3rd party applications like Kepware? So when I lose the connection between the Igntion Edge and Kepware Node. Will Ignition Edge continue collecting data with the source (PLC) on the same local network and forward the missed data when the connection is restored?

Is Kepware the OPC UA client application in this scenario?

Yes it is

Ok, well Ignition’s store and forward system doesn’t really have anything to do with OPC UA and drivers, but OPC UA has its own mechanisms for preventing data loss.

An OPC UA client can create Subscriptions with lifetimes that allow them to live through a connection loss, and MonitoredItems with a large enough queue size to hold some or all of the changes that might happen during that loss. Upon reconnecting it can attempt to resume the old Session or just create a new one and transfer the Subscriptions to this new Session.

I don’t know if the Kepware client supports or allows configuration for any of this, you’d have to talk to Kepware.

Thanks for the detailed information on Ignition’s store and forward feature.

I will check with Kepware support to see how can this be achieved with a lifetime subscription on tags and what are my options. If the connection between the OPC UA server and OPC UA client is disconnected.

“Can I store and forward my OPC data?” is two-fold. On the one hand, you can record your OPC data, and then store and forward it as archived data. But you cannot store and forward data in real-time.

As OPC DA or OPC UA are real-time protocol. So I know my answer is to store the information in a historian and it can only be accessed later as historical data. So it will require some sort of storage.