IGNITION EDGE Tag events script issue

Hi everybody,

I have a problem with the tag events in a gateway EDGE edition.
I have checked that when i make a simple memory tag with a simple tag events script
like this one, for example:

def valueChanged(tag, tagPath, previousValue, currentValue, initialChange, missedEvents):
[tab] system.tag.writeAsync("[edge]Edge Nodes/hidros/menuza/Test2", 1)
[tab] print ("hey")
It doesn´t fire whenever the current value change.
I change the value tag and never fires the script, don´t know what´s happening.
Any idea?
I have noticed that when I reinstall ignition edge it starts working again but suddenly it stops working again.
It doesn´t matter the Ignition EDGE version because i have tested in several version 8.1.x
Thank you very much.

Ignition EDGE doesn't run any gateway scripts (tag events or gateway project events) if you don't have the Compute plug-in. Check your license.

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Thank you Phil,
Then, i need the "Compute plug-in", is this the name of the module i need to install?.

It isn't a module, precisely, but an Edge "feature" plugin. Contact your sales agent for pricing.

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What Phil said.

You can find the details about Edge Compute here: Inductive Automation: edge-compute

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IIRC, Compute features only recently became available in Trial Mode. In older versions, you actually have to have a real license to even test this. Your report suggests you have modern version where it works in trial mode, then your trial expires and it stops working.

Yes, i´ve some edges modern versions and anothers with 8.0.17.
I didn´t know this, so you can imagine my face when it stopped working. :weary:

Do tag event scripts within project/designer like the one in the image below work in Ignition Edge?

Only if you have the compute plugin licensed.

Okay that's what I was thinking, thank you!