Ignition Edge Tag Historian Location

Using Ignition Edge, is there a way to set the partition that the database for the historian writes to? We’re making images of the main partition so if a system goes bad we can quickly swap out the drives with a known working image. But I don’t want to make a 128GB file full of mostly empty space using dd, so we were thinking of making the main partition as small as possible and putting the historian on the secondary partition.

All things considered it’s probably not too detrimental if we can’t. I mean it only stores 7 days worth of data and there aren’t too many points I’m historizing (less than 100 for sure), but it would still be something worth knowing.


So unless I misunderstand your question here are my two cents. Ignition historians can be any SQL database so for instance if you are running MySQL or SQLServer sure, you can install those database engines on separate volumes or even separate machines. Within Ignition you just set up the database connection info to aim at the database instance(s) you chose regardless of their location.

Store and forward is different, that is a built in feature of Ignition and data will be stored on disk where Ignition is installed.

Not currently possible, although you could certainly just use a symlink to move the actual stored file once it’s created. It would be possible to add a conf argument or something similar - you could put that on the ideas portal.

Thanks Paul, that’s what I figured. But like I said, it’s not too pressing a need. By design Edge is for smaller environments and historical data usually doesn’t take up that much space to begin with. I might give it an extra 3 to 5 GB and call it a day. Frankly I could do 1 GB extra. A 7 days historical database is not going to fill up even 1 GB of data.

Until then after I create a DD image of my drive I compress it into a zip file and it drops to ~8 GB so lots of workable options here.

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