Ignition Edge Tag History Sync Issue

Hi there,

We are having some difficulty getting the Tag History Sync to work. Edge is connected to a central Full Ignition Gateway over a Gateway Network. The central gateway has a database that allows “Query and Storage”. The Edge Gateway is storing history on a handful of Tags (less than 20), however, when we add a new tag and configure history logging to the Edge Historian, these new tags never seem to be added to the Tag History Sync. That is, they never appear in the “Available Historical Tags” on the Central Gateway.

Also, all tags that ARE making it across to the central gateway are not plotting properly. They seem to show straight horizontal graphs with the latest value they’ve synced with, rather than showing a trend. Either that or they don’t plot at all.

We’ve started digging around in the MySQL database to see how the data is coming across and the Tags that have made it seem to be changing values and look like reasonable historical data, but the ones we have added to the Ignition Edge project are certainly not making it over the network.

Any insight into this issue or just general information on how Edge forwards Tag History or how Ignition reads the partitioned tag history would be amazing.


A fix has been found for us. We have done a full re-installation of the Edge Gateway (including deleting the remaining files in the C:/ProgramFiles/Inductive folder) and then restoring the gateway in a disabled state, making changes to names / connections and then enabling. Seems to have just started working nicely. Didn’t have to touch anything in MySQL.

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