Ignition edge vs FactoryStudio by Tatsoft for advanced edge computing


I found ignition edge pretty interesting ,but the only issue is that the edge license doesn't include the SQL drivers.I need to install a scada system that do some advanced computing in the edge with a small budget(less than 2500$) and without a central ignition gateway.
In a meantime,i found an edge version of FactoryStudio by Tatsoft.It's seem's cheaper and include the SQL Drivers on the gateway.
Is there anyone worked with FactoryStudio before and what's gonna be the reason i choose the ignition solution rather than FS.The only difference i know right now is The JYTHON vs VB coding?

Also that Ignition runs on a bunch of operating systems and CPU architectures.

Have you looking into a full license of Ignition's platform (which includes all DB operations via scripting) with a limited number of UI connections? This can be quite competitive.

Yes ,i have looked on it.Its quite expensive for our budget.

The Ignition platform (which includes all the common drivers) plus a single-client Vision license comes to $3,018. (Not including support, which can be as low as 16% more.)

What do you need beyond that, for a DB-focused application?

Thanks a lot

I didn't see the limited option for vision or perspective client.
The problem is resolved.

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