Ignition Edge

Two different problems with the 7.9.2 Beta1

  1. I would like to test the Edge MQTT module and it is nowhere to be found.
  2. I am testing this on a Raspberry Pi 3. It worked for awhile and then locked up. After reboot, I cannot start Ignition. I keep getting the following error in my wrapper:

I made no changes...

That error means you’re trying to start Ignition with a Java version less than 8.

I’ll have to ask somebody tomorrow about the MQTT module availability.

When I started I was using Java version 8. Then I added Iced Tea so I could launch with Javaws and that must have installed version 7. Lesson learned.


I upgraded to Java 8 but now want to got back to Java 7.45 and I am getting this error. How do I get Ignition to accept the older Java?

What version of Ignition? And is the gateway or a client?

Thank you for the prompt reply. It was the gateway. We found a version of java 8 before Oracle decided to charge for the license. That fixed the problem. The version of Ignition is 7.8. So we are fixing all the client to have the same version. That should take care of our problems.