Ignition Egde 8.09 UdtInstance Bad quality on gateway status

Could someone please tell me if it is normal for a UdtInstance Quality to be “Bad” when looking at the tags status in the gateway.
All the tags within the Udt have good quality and everything appears to be working.
Screenshot attached.

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Any chance you have tag events throwing errors?

I Created a new Udt with 1 memory tag as a member and no parameters. Then created a single instance of this Udt. It still displays the same.

I have this too, did you find a solution?

I also have this issue. Did anyone find a solution? Or is it still pending?

Just noticed this too…i assume its a non issue relative to performance?

The same here.

OS: Linux | amd64
Java Version:
Ignition Version: 8.0.16 (b2020082513)