Ignition & Emerson AMS - Instruments diagnostics system

Hi community!

We have a asset operated thorugh a DeltaV SCADA, which also has an AMS Device Manager instance (both from Emerson) that collects heaps of instruments health information. I'd like to check if there are any experiences integrating Ignition (or any other non-Emerson tool) with AMS to retrieve all that HART/FF instruments diagnostics information, directly connecting to AMS OPCServer or passing AMS info through DeltaV and then connecting Ignition to DeltaV (this -DeltaV to Ignition OPC connection- we already have). If not obvious, the purpose is to build a fit-for-purpose instruments health information system in Ignition.

AMS has a WebServices which exposes some of the diagnostics information, and that we can pull from Ignition, but most of the really detailed instrument info is not exposed that way, but we assume could be through AMS' OPC.


Disclaimer: Should be quite clear by now, but I'm no instrumentation guy...apologies to the I&C community for any non-sense!