Ignition Error Component name 'null'


I am getting following error:

Component name ‘null’ is invalid, it is either non-unique, reserved, or has an illegal character.
Thu Jun 27 1:31:48p.m.

I found this link: Random Component Name Error in Vision Client

But it does not look like solution is explained there.
This issue start showing up after upgrade to Ignition 8, however I am not sure if it is related to that.
We have several projects but only 1 is affected the other one work fine.

Thanks in advance

Hi Pawel,

We still have this issue and have never been able to identify it. It will randomly tell us we have 1033 errors because “Component name ‘null’ is invalid, it is either non-unique, reserved, or has an illegal character”.

Supposedly, it happens when a window has a binding in its name. We don’t have this anywhere so I don’t know why it occurs.


No, it would be when a component has a binding in its name. The message is coming from a container. You need to look at the XML for the window that generates this error to find the binding problem.

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Yeah, I mis-spoke. We’ve checked our XML and there are no bindings on any component names. We didn’t have the problem in 7.9 but once we converted to 8.0 it kept appearing on our vision application.

It seems to not matter what window or component is currently being shown, we’re getting the error no matter what as long as something is on that screen. It occurs in both the client and the designer provided that something is open. So I must be missing something.

However, we stopped trying to debug it since we’re converting everything to perspective anyways.

Thanks for your responses.

Where I can find xml file for windows or how I can export this. And how I can identify which window causing me a problem as there is nothing to guide me there…

Right-click the window in the designer navigation tree while holding a shift key down. That gets you extra options, including “Copy XML to Clipboard”. Unfortunately, the XML is somewhat cryptic. You’ll have to study it a bit to see how it is put together.

Thank you pturmel.

So I have created new window with 3 elements. 2 of them are binded to property name (see pic below).
I exported to XML file and I spend last 2 hours to find difference between standard binding and binding to name. Still, no clue which part of the xml will indicate I have something linked to Name.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> Error Main Window 0;0 800;600 2 71.0;27.0 20.0;170.0;71.0;27.0 btn1 20.0;170.0;9;0;0.16901408;0.44444445 false -328965 0 name 1 1 100.0;20.0 110.0;55.0;100.0;20.0 LinkedTO 110.0;55.0;9;0;0.12;0.6 -328965 txtFiled 2 3 0 1561730243805 4 2 str 100.0;22.0 125.0;170.0;100.0;22.0 5 125.0;170.0;9;0;0.12;0.54545456 2 6 6 7 2 3 0 1561729965644 8 2 str Root Container fpmi.lc 0.0;0.0;16;1;-;- 0;0;800;600 7 8 4

We’re having the same issue. It occurs when using gotomyPC to remote in and use ignition. The first time any system.gui.msgbox is triggered, the local instance of ignition locks up for a couple of minutes and produces a bunch of these errors. Afterwards, the instance returns to normal and is okay