Ignition Ethernet/IP and Wago Ehternet/IP Fieldbus Coupler


Is it possible to connect Wago Fieldbus Coupler ie 750-341 (not Controller) with Ethernet/IP ?

Thank you.


the 750-341 supports Modbus TCP. I use some 750-841 with Ignition and it works without problems. The Modbus interface of the 341 seems to be the same as in the 841, except that the 841 has some more registers for the plc data areas.

Hi Chi,

yes I know about modbus, we used it a lot with Wago; the reason why I ask about Ethernet/IP is because iwe can have 250 nodes iso 64 in Modbus and to compare performance and ease of use…:wink:
I haven’t one cpu at my hand right now so I asked…


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