Ignition Execution Manager Status

We have a few modules that run tasks using the shared execution manager. We have had a couple of them fail for some reason and become unregistered from the execution manager. We are not sure why. In the meantime, we would like to monitor the task status. How do we get that? It appears on the shared execution enginer status page.

It's not technically "public" API, but the ExecutionEngine is probably an instance of BasicExecutionEngine, which has a ::getTasks method that takes an owner and returns a TaskStats with info about the tasks for that owner.

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And how would I get the Execution Engine from the Gateway Scope?

We are currently using gatewayContext.getExecutionManager().register to register our tasks.

oops, I meant the ExecutionManager is probably an instance of BasicExecutionEngine.


I see I can get the task statuses. I also saw in the sdk documents for TaskStatusEvent. Is that an event that can be subscribed to?


I think that's something related to EAM tasks, not the ExecutionManager.