Ignition for macOs 11 Big Sur with native support for Apple Silicon (M1 chip)?

Do you plan to release an Ignition for macOs 11 Big Sur with native support for Apple Silicon (M1 chip) ?

Yes, but moving to JDK 17 is a pre-requisite for that. It will happen eventually.

In the meantime the Intel version runs just fine.


I just want to say that that is a completely unsatisfying answer for users who have M1 computers. The fact that it will run on older hardware that users with M1 clearly do not have, does not help us run the software package, nor does it provide any work around or solutions.

For other users that see this thread I would recommend that until Ignition steps up and releases a timeline to support the new Apple Silicon, I would suggest utilizing a virtual machine like parallels.

Not IA’s fault. Apple seems to have decided not to deploy a reasonable JVM. You should complain to Apple.

{ I pat my long-ago past self on the back every time I hear such whining. I have avoided Apple products and services like the plague, from day one due to $$, and in recent decades due to anti-consumer conduct. It is a shame that such great hardware is shackled by its creators’ business policies. }

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I think maybe you misunderstood me. You don’t need to have old Intel hardware. The current version of Ignition packaged for macOS will run on M1 hardware.

You don’t need a virtual machine, I’m not even sure how that’s relevant.

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