Ignition gateway access setup 8.0.10RC1

I have installed the 8.0.10rc1 in my PC for demo test, my pc ip address is
I can open the web-server and gateway in my pc, but can access this server by another PC even the ping is success
Here is the picture is another pc can ping access my pc, but the web can’t access.

Do you have a firewall (e.g. Windows Firewall) blocking access to port 8088 on the computer that has the gateway installed?


YES, you are right

if i turn off the firewall the gateway can be access

so i open the 8088 port, as the following action, it works

but last but not least, my previous version is 7.9.10, after i update from 7.9.10 to 8.0.10RC1, i can’t see the gateway in the start screen , so i have to uninstall and install the ignition again , thanks for your help.