Ignition gateway as forward proxy / relay

Hi all,

In one of our project we extensively use the PDF container and webpage display component.
The PDF container is used to display the manuals, p&id’s,electrical drawings etc of a certain production line. In order to display the PDF files, each vision client needs read access to the drive where we store all this information.
The webpage component is used to display camera feed and to logon to our OEE platform.

Our Ignition server is located in an industrial DMZ zone.
Our IT guy’s don’t really like the fact that they have to open up ports for all Ignition clients towards all subsystems we connect to.
Camera server, file server, OEE application,… all are located in different networks.

Is there a way to use the Ignition gateways as a forward proxy / relay / local cache /…
This way the gateway has connection to all subsystems and it’s clients and the clients only have access to the Ignition gateway.

Any ideas?

Best regards,

You can use the WebDev module to perform this indirection, as long as the gateway can reach all of those resources. If you go to the trouble of loading these resources as blobs into a databases, you could use my free Blob Server module instead. (It’s security model is based on Perspective, but open resources should work in Vision, too.)

Sounds good, I will give both a try. Thanks for the advice!
Do you have experience with the webdev module and if so, how would you rate the performance of this module?

I’ve used the WebDev module for web API tasks, not for proxying a full browsing experience. Not sure how it will perform for the latter.