Ignition Gateway Faulted

Power went out and on restart the Gateway has faulted and I am unsure why.
Ignition 8.1.4 on Windows 10
wrapper.log (6.6 MB)

I've had a brief look through the wrapper and can't make much sense of it.
any help would be much appreciated.


You have a whole bunch of deserialization errors of many kinds.

I suspect your system was updating Ignition's internal database when the power dropped and corrupted it. There's a good chance an autosave has the immediate prior data, but it will have to be combined with the stuff that gets left out of the autosave.

You definitely should get support involved.

At some point soon, get a UPS that will gracefully shut down that machine on power outages.

Would restoring from a previous backup solve this issue? @pturmel

Yes, I would expect so. Unless I'm wrong about the reason. Consider zipping up the data folder (before restore) and setting it aside for analysis if the restore doesn't work.

You'll have to use the command line tool to initiate the restore, since you can't get to the web UI to do it from there.

A restore may work, but if it doesn’t try upgrading Ignition. The actual error that stops the gateway is a NPE deserializing a Named Query resource, and I think this was fixed in a later version.

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