Ignition Gateway installation on Windows Server 2016

I just completed the installation of Ignition Gateway on a fresh installation of Windows Server 2016, but i can’t get access to it from a different computer on the same network.

Am I missing any setting on the Windows Server side?
Had not issue on a similar installation before.

Any hint will be greatly appreciated!


Which Ignition version?

Likely a firewall issue…

  1. Can you ping the server?
  2. Can you access it using Remote Desktop?
  3. Is the gateway webserver running? Check using a browser on the gateway at http://localhost:8088/.
  4. Then check it from another computer at http://<ipaddress>:8088.

Thanks Transistor,
Yes to question #1, #2, and #3; but i can’t get through from a different computer.

I do have the same configuration on a similar Windows Server 2016, the only deviation is that this one is running Ignition gateway Version 8.1.18, the working one is running Version 8.1.11.

I will contact IT to compare Windows Server configuration

Message received (but only because I checked). Tip: Use the @username syntax to ping someone (common on most sites these days) or hit the grey Reply link on the user’s post.

I can’t think of anything else to suggest for the moment.

Echoing this.

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You got this right,
Likely a firewall issue…

Thanks to all for your help!