Ignition Gateway is Blank

When I open the Ignition Gateway, everything looks fine on the homepage and when I login. However, when I click the configuration or the status pages everything is blank. I do not have any options to click on any settings or panes. I have no idea what happened and no idea on how to troubleshoot this. Does anyone have suggestions?

Without screenshots of what you mean by blank, I’d first check that the user account that you are logging in with has the correct privileges to access those pages.

Both the config and status pages look like this. I am the admin.

Check the browser console for errors - it’s probably a bad authentication token being held somewhere. Try clearing any cookies from the gateway, or launching in an incognito/private window.

Browser Console showed no errors and the incognito window had the same problem. Clearing cookies did not make a difference.

The only thing I can think of is that my organization is having some issues with their desktops right now. I don’t know what that is in regard too though so for now I will blame it on that and hopefully when they solve their issues, it will solve mine too.

The pages will also look blank like that if your browser has JavaScript disabled.



Thanks so much!!! That fixed my problem. I don’t know how JavaScript was disabled but it must have been an organizational change or something. Thanks again for your help.


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