Ignition Gateway keeps dropping and I am unsure why, what do I look for?

We use Ignition to run an office Project that all employees use. Recently, the gateway has been dropping out randomly and more frequently. I am unsure the cause of this and need help as to what to look for.

We are running Ignition 7.9.1 on a VM of Windows Server 2012. The server and all client computers have the most recent version of java 8. The VM has 8 gigs of ram allotted.

Someone will be logged into the project and then get the “Searcing for Gateway/Gateway connection lost” error message.

What are the possible causes of this I should be looking at? One thing I notice right away in my Logs is that there is a ClockDriftDetector Warning and a HttpParser warning that are very common but beyond that nothing sticks out.

Did you tried to ping the server from a Client’s PC?

Just pinged it fine. All my co-workers are using the application currently and things seem to be working ok.

I am now looking at the sys.performance and I think people had an issue connecting to the gateway at the same time it did garbage collection when the memory got to half the max heap size though I am not 100% when the connection errors happened.

I am not really sure what else I should be looking for.