Ignition Gateway keeps stopping and starting

Hi guys,

Really weird behavior, my Ignition Gateway stops and starts about every 25 seconds. In the Gateway control box it switches from Starting to Running.

Has anyone ever seen anything like this before? I’ve tried re-installing, and rebooting the machine in about every order and combination…

  • Mike

Can you zip and then post or email your wrapper.log files?

Here’s the wrapper file.

It may be worth it to note that I was trying to start the service with a specified account, because I am trying to connect to a gateway using Windows integrated security.

Can you grab the error report from C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition\hs_err_pid6636.log and attach it?

Also - are you using the COM module? If not, you can try moving it out from the data/modules folder temporarily and seeing if the gateway crashes and restarts again…

Here ya go!

Okay, some native component in the MSSQL JDBC driver is hard crashing the JVM.

Not much WE can do, but you can try either:

  1. Upgrade to the latest MSSQL JDBC driver and hope it stops doing that.
  2. Stop doing whatever you’re doing with the native auth stuff because it’s crashing.

After I played with it a little more, we figured out that it was the sqljdbc_auth.dll file we had to put in the lib folder. When we took that out it started working again. I got the file from the link in the Igniton help manual.

Perhaps the version of that DLL you got didn’t match the bit-depth of the JRE you’re running? Or maybe it is mismatched with the version of the sql server JDBC driver you’ve got.